Items to do and bring

  • #1 is if you feel there is any chance you will get sea sick, take the proper dose of non-drowsy daytime Dramamine the night before at bedtime and then again the morning of your trip. Taking Dramamine boat side right before the trip, does little good.

  • # 2 is DRINK PLENTY of water and beverage to stay hydrated. Alcoholic beverages are allowed, but no glass containers and never offer to the captain or crew to ensure everyone’s safety.

  • Sunglasses to protect against UV rays and bright sunlight reflecting off the water. Polarized sunglasses are best to see into the ocean as you reel in your catch.

  • Sunscreen of the proper protection level for your family

  • Weather can change quickly on the water, especially if you are on an offshore all day trip or even a shorter inshore trip. Be prepared for earlier morning cooler temps and hotter days requiring lighter colored non-cotton garments. Rain jackets and ball caps are always suggested as well.

  • I’d recommend a portable cooler with ice to store all your food and beverages for the day. Energy bars, fresh fruit, and a hearty sandwich.

  • If you plan to take pictures it is always better to have them in weather protected cases or a ziplock.

  • Lastly, get plenty of sleep the night before. The sun can be very draining so come ready for the day!